About us

Basic Information


Sendagaya Japanese Institute

  • October 10, 1975 Sendagaya Japanese Institute was established
  • January 30, 2004 Sendagaya Japanese College, Yoshioka Educational Foundation was established
  • Recognized by the association for the promotion of Japanese Language Education
  • Affiliate school of the Japanese Language Teachers Educational Council

Representative: Masaki Yoshioka

Main Businesses

  • Japanese Language education for foreigners
  • Development of Educational materials
  • Publishing
  • Other education related businesses

Sendagaya Japanese Institute (Eki-Mae Campus)

Meiten Bldg. 6F, 1-26-7, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒169-0075
TEL: 03-6457-3778   FAX: 03-6265-9571  EMAIL : info@jp-sji.org

Sendagaya Japanese College (Main Campus)

1-1-6, Shimo-Ochiai Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 〒161-0033
TEL : 03-5337-7001   FAX : 03-5332-6696  EMAIL : info@jp-sji.org

China Office

5-8-2 Liaoning Sheng Da Lian Shi Xi Gang Qu 〒116021
TEL: 0411-8437-1836  FAX: 0411-8437-1835  EMAIL: yoshioka-dalian@hotmail.com

Vietnam Office(Sendagaya Viet Nam)

12B Floor,CTM Complex Building,139 Cau Giay,Quan Hoa,Cau Giay,Ha Noy,Viet Nam
TEL: (+84)4-6664-7001  FAX: (+84)4-6664-7002  EMAIL: info@sendagayavietnam.edu.vn

Message from the Chairperson & Educational Principles

Masaki Yoshioka

Sendagaya Japanese Institute (S.J.I.) Group aims to:

  1. Provide a conductive environment for the people of all nationalities to learn Japanese in a fun and effective manner using easy-to understand Japanese.
  2. Cultivate capable talents for mutual understanding in a diversified international society.
  3. Promote international exchange and friendship through the Japanese Language Education.

S.J.I. Group was established in 1975 with our educational principles. Since then, many students from various countries all over the world have graduated from the Japanese language courses offered by us.

Not only as a means of communications, languages express the persons’ thoughts culture, and society. Learning foreign languages plays an important role in understanding a foreign culture. I think facilitating learning Japanese is an important way of promoting international understanding.

S.J.I. Group developed the text books and teaching methods after the careful research, for the foreign students, whose mother tongue is not Japanese, to master the Japanese effectively. I firmly believe that Japanese language education encourages international exchange.

The all teaching staff members of the Sendagaya Japanese College, S.J. I. Group, look forward to becoming your partner, and helping you to enjoy learning Japanese.

Masaki Yoshioka
Sendagaya Japanese College
Sendagaya Japanese Institute Group

Features of S.J.I.

S. J. I. is a Japanese Language school, established in 1975, since then, more than 20,000 students from over 100 countries have studied Japanese at our school. Various people, such as business persons, students, housewives, researchers, etc have been studying here.

1.Various Types of Courses

You can choose the most suitable course among the various types of our courses, such as Everyday or Part-time Group Lessons,Private Lessons,etc.

2.Many Opportunities of Interacting with Japanese

There will be a lot of opportunities to talk with Japanese, and students in Japanese Teacher Training Course of SJI. In the Everyday course, lectures to interact with Japanese Students are included.

3.Students from All over the World

Student from more than 100 countries have been studying in S.J.I.

4.Trained Teachers, and Common Teaching Method

The teachers in S.J. I. who have completed the “Japanese Teacher Training Course” deliver the high-quality lecture by the common method.

5.Original Textbooks

In the beginners’ course, “Communication Japanese” the original textbook, developed by S.J. I. is used. The text book is written in an easy-to understand manner even for the students who learn Japanese for the first time. By using the textbook, workbook, Kanji practice book, and CD, comprehensive Japanese language skills can be acquired.