Information on Life in Japan

Our college staff speaks English, Chinese, Korean, Arabic,Thai,Vietnamese, Indonesian, and other languages. You may consult with them regarding problems you may encounter.


All students need to obtain a visa in their home country in order to enter Japan. The type of visa required depends on your nationality, objective and period of stay in Japan. Please check Japan Foreign Ministry homepage for more details.

Medical & Accident Insurance

For those who are staying in Japan for less than 90 days, we recommend them to buy overseas travel insurance before coming to Japan.


The rental for a one-room apartment in Tokyo cost more than 60,000 yen per month. It is common for friends to share a room costing about 80,000 yen. Please check accommodation page.


The main mode of transportation in Tokyo is by trains. Trains are punctual and the average commuting time is about 30 minutes.

The following sites are useful for checking routes, fares and time required.

Airport Information

Access to the city from Narita Airport

Sightseeing Discount Ticket

Japan Rail Pass is recommended for people who are touring Japan. Only those with “temporary stay” visa can purchase this ticket. Please apply for this in your home country before departure as it cannot be bought in Japan.

School Neighborhood

Our college is located near Takadanobaba Station on the JR Yamanote Line,Seibu Shinjuku Line and Tokyo Metro Tozai Line. Takadanobaba has long been famous for being student's town since there are many famous schools here such as Waseda University.

There are many convenient facilities and shops in Takadanobaba such as banks (Mizuho, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, and Mitsui Sumitomo), Post office, large book stores (Horindo, Aoi) and stationery shops (Chikuho) near the station. Besides large supermarkets like Seiyu and Peacock, there are also many 24-hour convenience stores which make this a very convenient place to live in.

In addition, there are also several medical facilities near the station such as Ushigome clinic which has English speaking staff.


There are many restaurants in Takadanobaba which offer a wide variety of food and cuisines for reasonable prices. Various restaurants serve Japanese, Chinese, Western and ethnic dishes (Turkish, Indian, Thai etc). Lunch such as yakiniku, sushi and set meals cost about 700 yen. There are also a lot of convenience stores where you can have a drink and some bread for about 300 yen. Takadanobaba is also famous for its many noodle (ramen) restaurants.


The following sites provide useful information on life in Japan.